Hasbro Ready To ‘Defend’ SDCC

While this hasn’t been formally announced by Hasbro, thanks to a (now deleted) post from THR,  we now know that we can look forward to a new 6″ Marvel Legends ‘Defenders’ box set based on the hit Netflix series at San Diego Comic-Con!

The leaked image showcases a new figure 5-pack that includes Daredevil (With unmasked head), Jessica Jones (New sculpt without her jacket), Luke Cage (in red tee shirt), Colleen Wing (all new!), and Iron Fist (Also all new! Wearing a suit)! All of these figures are exclusive to this box set (save for Daredevil, who still has an unmasked head), so expect this one to be highly sought after. Unfortunately, as this was a leaked image, there’s no word yet on pricing for this SDCC 2018 exclusive set.


Mattel Heads To SDCC With A Load Of Exclusives

Each and every year the team at Mattel has hit San Diego Comic Con with a variety of awesome new exclusive collectibles, but this year they look to have gone above and beyond to bring as many unique new pieces to the convention as possible! This year they’ve got new DC Multiverse, new themed Hot Wheels, ‘Masters Of The Universe’ exclusives, plus they’ve even got some special new M.U.S.C.L.E. figures based on some of your favorite WWE Wrestlers! Check out the full list of exclusives announced so far from Mattel with images below!

DC Multiverse Aquaman ‘Who Destroys The Sea King’ Box Set  ($60)

Hot Wheels DC Superman ‘Action Comics #1’ ($20)

Hot Wheels Marvel Thanos Copter  ($15)

Hot Wheels Porg Millennium Falcon Battle Roller Set ($10)

Masters of the Universe Princess of Power She-Ra Tiara  ($10)

Masters of the Universe He-Man Belt of Power ($25)

Masters of the Universe Tote ($18)

Masters of the Universe Mask 4-Pack ($40)

Mega Construx Pokemon Gengar Set ($40)

WWE M.U.S.C.L.E. 4-Pack  ($20)