DC Comics fans, get ready!  Deadline recently reported that Paramount Pictures has actually acquired ‘The Mighty,’ a graphic novel published by DC Comics.  Apparently DC product usually goes through Warner Bros, but this one had rights that were controlled by the creators, Peter Tomasi and Keith Champagne.

‘The Mighty’ puts an interesting spin on the superhero genre.  It tells the story of Alpha-One, the world’s most powerful super-being.  He has always been a force for good, but Gabriel Cole, a cop whose life was saved by Alpha One as a child, has uncovered a secret.  He finds out his hero has a sinister plan and vows to stop him at any cost.  This is a tale of an ordinary cop versus a superhero in ‘The Mighty.’

Normally we see superheroes pitted against superheroes, so this should be an interesting movie.  The fact that an ordinary man is challenging a legendary hero is really a refreshing concept.  As we find out more information on this story we’ll be sure to keep you posted.