‘Falling Skies,’ the much-anticipated new drama series from DreamWorks Television, TNT Productions and executive producer Steven Spielberg, starring Noah Wyle is premiering this Sunday on TNT at 9/8 CST.

But the United States isn’t the only country who will be watching ‘Falling Skies.’ Turner Broadcasting System International, Inc. holds most worldwide rights to the showm, and will air it on TNT networks in several international markets. In addition ‘Falling Skies’ has been licensed to networks that include Fox, Super Channel and Canal+. Warner Bros. International Television holds licensing rights for Canada.

“The launch of FALLING SKIES promises to be a global television event,” said Steve Koonin, president of Turner Entertainment Networks. “We’re excited that people around the world will be able to experience this great new series.”

“The FALLING SKIES project is a great example of the creative and business collaboration at work across Turner Broadcasting and with our partners,” said Louise Sams, president of Turner Broadcasting System International, Inc. “It also demonstrates the increasing power of Turner’s platforms worldwide to create global scope and scale for signature programming events.”

The series will be seen in more than 75 countries and markets, including Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Canada, South Korea and the United Kingdom. More markets will be added in the weeks and months ahead.

‘Falling Skies’ opens in the chaotic aftermath of an alien attack that has left most of the world completely incapacitated. In the six months since the initial invasion, the few remaining survivors have banded together outside major cities to begin the difficult task of fighting back. Each day is a test of survival as citizen soldiers work to protect the people in their care while also engaging in an insurgency campaign against the occupying alien force, whose nature and purpose remains a mystery.

‘Falling Skies’ stars Noah Wyle (‘ER’), Moon Bloodgood (‘Terminator Salvation’), Will Patton (‘Armageddon,’ TNT’s ‘Into the West’) and Drew Roy (‘Secretariat’).

If that’s not enough to urge you to watch it, maybe this will help: Steven Spielberg is the executive-producer of the show and provided the creators with his ideas for making the aliens unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.  There’s a lesson to be learned here.  When you have a man like Spielberg on your team who has done such incredible alien hits as ‘E.T.’ and ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind,’ it’s important to listen to what he says with great intensity.

“I don’t think we can overstate how involved Steven was in the creation of the aliens,” executive producer Robert Rodat was quoted as saying at the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Jan. 6 in Pasadena, California. “God is in the details. He would weigh in on the amount of dust coming from a footstep because it would determine the weight you would sense from the alien. His attention to detail is what created the aliens.”

Don’t miss ‘Falling Skies’ this Sunday at 9/8 CST on TNT!