Some interesting news for Stephanie Meyer fans.. ..Deadline recently reported that Andrew Niccol has been chosen as the director of ‘The Host,’ directing his adaptation of the bestselling novel by author Stephenie Meyer.

Mike Fleming had this to say about the project: “After resisting overtures to sell the book, Meyer finally entrusted it with the producers, who gave her strong creative input. She chose Niccol originally because she was a fan of his film Gattaca and script for The Truman Show. While Niccol adapted the book into the current script, he exited to make the film Now, which he has completed with Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried and Cillian Murphy starring. The producers went down the road with several directors, but talks with Niccol to return started heating up in recent weeks. Ronan ramped up interest in the film when she was set to star.”

With the success of the Twilight movies, there’s little doubt that ‘The Host’ will be just as successful as well.  Be sure to keep checking in; we’ll have more updates for you as they’re released.