It’s hard to believe this is the last recap I’ll ever write for ‘Smallville.’ Having aired for ten full seasons, we’ve watched Clark and his friends grow up right before our eyes. And now they’re in charge of their own destiny. If you missed the finale, please find time to watch it! While my recaps are thorough I cannot cover everything. Without further ado, here’s the final recap of ‘Smallville’…
We see Apokolips on a collision course with earth.

Lois continues to tell Clark there’s no wedding, but he’s not hearing it. He tells her there are many heroes on call protecting the city and there’s no reason for the wedding to not go forward. He also tells her if she wants out, she’ll have to leave him at the altar.

As Chloe and Oliver decorate the church, he tells her that as the Matron of Honor she’s responsible for getting the bride to the chapel on time. Oliver shows her two simple, classic, gold wedding bands that he picked up for Clark.

Meanwhile Granny Goodness finds Tess at the Luthor mansion and tries to get her to embrace her evil side so she could be part of the Darkseid rapture. Tess refuses to cooperate, of course, and quickly leaves. As she drives away and tries to warn the others, she’s kidnapped by Lionel’s croanies.

Apokolips comes even closer to earth….

Now we find Martha at the farm house. She’s upset at Clark for selling their home and quickly tells him that when she sent him the deed it wasn’t so he could sell the property. Clark tells her that it’s time to let go of the past, but his mother tells him that the past is what formed him. As Clark walks away we see the tearful ghost of Jonathan Kent.

Chloe, being the good bridesmaid that she is, tells Lois she’s making a huge mistake. Her reasoning? Clark is going to need someone to ground him, someone to come home to. Still unable to convince her, Chloe shows Lois the vows Clark wrote for her. After reading them Lois finally understands what an idiot she has been.

Later she arrives at Watchtower to ensure everything’s in place but quickly realizes that the satellites have been turned off. She watches security camera footage and realizes Oliver was the culprit.

Oliver joins Darkseid’s agents and his Omega symbol glows. They hand him the golden kryptonite ring that will take away Clark’s powers permanently.

Clark pays a visit at his father’s grave when Oliver accompanies him. Oliver tells him to go through with the wedding because Clark is having his own doubts as to whether or not he should move forward without Lois.

When he goes to their apartment, he finds out that Lois read the vows and the wedding’s back on. She slips her vows under the door to him (because it’s bad luck for him to see his bride before the wedding) and he realizes how much they mean to each other and how important it is that they continue with their plan of getting married.

Back at the church, Clark walks Lois down the aisle since her father wasn’t able to attend. When he looks as his mother we see Jonathan standing next to Martha. As Oliver presents the ring, Chloe recognizes it as gold kryptonite and slaps it out of his hand. Chaos ensues and everyone leaves the church immediately. Clark confronts Oliver and tells him to rise up and be the hero he needs him to be. Oliver then crushes the ring and the Omega symbol leaves him.

Chloe leaves for Star City since Watchtower’s gone. After she leaves, Clark heads for the barn where he can actually see his father and talk with him. His dad reassures him and tells him to go to Jor-el for help and guidance. Clark confesses to his father that he turned his back on his Kryptonian father; Jonathan tells him that Jor-el will understand.

In the meantime, Tess wakes up with her father standing over her. Lionel informs her that Lex is being rebuilt but the only organ that’s missing is his heart – which he plans on taking from Tess. Lionel’s henchmen strap Tess to a table and bring over operating tools, but she grabs a scalpel off a tray and starts fighting back. Cutting her way through the straps, she attacks the doctors and gets her hands on one of their guns. She then shoots her father in the chest and flees.

Lionel makes his way toward his son’s body and Darkseid appears. He asks that his son be brought to life and sells his soul to Darkseid as payment.

At the mansion, Lex and Clark come face to face. He tells Clark that he’s been given a second chance at life. Lex has embraced his own destiny and says, “We have a destiny together, Clark – only on different sides.” Clark apologizes for not being able to save him and quickly speeds away to try to stop Apokolips.

Lois maneuvers herself onto Air Force One by stealing a press pass from Janet, who refused to tell the President not to nuke Apokolips since The Blur is coming. While on there she realizes that tells them that they’ll be taking out a third of the Earth’s population with the nuke, which they seem to already know. Lois says they have a hero who will save them, and they reluctantly agree to give her hero five minutes.

Clark goes to the barn to get the crystal for the Fortress of Solitude, but he’s confronted by the animated body of Lionel, controlled by Darkseid. He throws Clark through the barn which leads to a pivotal point. Clark remembers what Jonathan told him about Jor-El’s guidance. He then finds himself in the Fortress, where he watches his “best saves” over the years. Jor-El says his final trial is upon him and that he’s ready to seize his destiny, and that he does. Clark remains suspended in mid-air and flies into Darkseid, causing him to explode. He flies now – yay!

You won’t believe what happens next. Tess and Lex come face to face. He tells her he loves her, but has he embraces her he stabs Tess. But all is not lost as Tess is always scheming. She touches him with the neurotoxin which starts to take away his memories. He’ll remember nothing. After flashes of Lex’s past, he walks to the window with a blank look on his face.

Clark speeds into the Fortress, and Jor-El says his journey has finally ended. It is here that Clark realizes his strength is in accepting his Kryptonian side. Jor-El finally tells him that he’s proud of him and his soul, and that he has what it will take to lift the darkness from Earth. Then the suit rises up from the ground encased in ice. Jonathan tells him, “Always hold onto Smallville” before giving him the suit. Holding the suit, Clark takes off and puts it on mid-flight. Time to save the world!

He flies over to Air Force One, which is teetering in the air, and straightens out the plane. He peers in the window and Lois catches a glimpse of him and gives him a smile of adoration. She then grabs a camera and starts reporting, starting first with an interview of the President.

Clark descends to earth and rids our planet of Apokolips by shoving it far, far away into space. Hooray!

Seven years later we see Clark and Lois getting ready to be wed and Lex as President.

What a phenomenal ending to ten years of Smallville! Did you enjoy it as well?