If you own an iPhone or iPad and love RPGs, you may be happy to hear about a new app released by Gameloft.

Gameloft announced recently that ‘Order & Chaos Online,’ the company’s first massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) for iPhone and iPad, ranked among the top five best-selling iPhone and iPad games in numerous countries, and ranked number one in France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

“With ‘Order & Chaos Online,’ we’ve created a rich and tumultuous world where players have the total freedom to make every move and decision for themselves,” said Julien Fournials, Senior Vice President Production at Gameloft. “It is the first true MMORPG experience on iPhone and iPad and our most ambitious title to date with the longest running gameplay and an innovative business model.”

‘Order & Chaos Online’ is currently priced at $6.99 which includes a three-month subscription to the game. After that period of time, players have the option to renew their subscriptions for an affordable $0.99 for one month, $1.99 for three months or $2.99 for six months. In-app purchases are also available to enhance the gameplay.

Complete with a vast fantasy universe, the game allows players to battle as one of the virtuous Elves and Humans or one of the wild Orcs and Undead. Heavily loaded with content and depth, ‘Order & Chaos Online’ features over 500 quests, 600 enemies and 2,000 items in its first edition. Each future game update will deepen the experience. The game also offers an open 3D world that allows players to interact in real time, bringing the total MMORPG experience, previously only available on PC, to wireless devices worldwide.

In addition to the iPhone and iPad versions currently available, Gameloft will bring ‘Order and Chaos Online’ to Android devices in the near future.