Superhero fans (like myself) often have an undying loyalty toward their favorite crime fighter.  Well, guess what?  Your devotion has been noted and a special shop had been set up just for us…um, I mean you!

DC Entertainment has promoted its ‘DC Universe Online’ game by opening a superhero tailor shop.  It’s a place where players can have their custom superhero costumes hand-made for their everyday use. Mr. Lee’s Sastreria, created by advertising giant Leo Burnett Worldwide, was a delightful tailor’s shop set up for business in Madrid, Spain.  Apparently they accepted appointments up to January 29 which clients could book online at their convenience.

In the ‘DC Universe Online’ game, players have the ability to design their characters’ costumes with an impressive range of individuality.  Mr. Lee worked with his clients (aka players) to help make their costumes a reality. According to Nile Guide, word on the street was that an original costume set clients back about US $600 or about €400.

Hopefully they’ll set one up again soon that’ll be here to stay!

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