There’s no question about it – fans, especially sci-fi ones, take their favorite shows very seriously.  We’ve seen this throughout history with Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate and more, but now Battlestar Galactica fans are stepping up to the plate to pledge their loyalty and undying devotion for their favorite show via an Indie documentary called “We Are All Cylons.”

As reported by, the documentary premiered Monday at the Sci-FI London Film Festival and was well received.

Filmmaker Ilana Rein recently told via e-mail, “I know a few very serious Star Trek fans but I have never noticed a gleam in their eyes the way I do when I speak to BSG fans.  One fan told me how she wanted with all her heart to be Starbuck.”

In terms of why she created the film, she responded that it was “to appeal to fans of the show, of course,” Rein said, “but also to appeal to people who have never even heard of BSG but are still interested in issues such as artificial intelligence, rapidly advancing technology and the malleability of identity.”

If you watch the short preview clip, you’ll see that clearly some fans are more dedicated than others.  I especially enjoy the tattoo the one woman sported.  Having chosen the dark side, she went Cylon and hasn’t looked back since.  Another fan refers to our brains as being “living computers” (isn’t that common knowledge?) and yet another sports a BSG costume.  Talk about having a passion for your favorite show!

While you’re waiting for ‘Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome,’ why not give this documentary a chance to whet your appetite in the interim?  ‘We Are All Cylons’ will be coming to Baltimore in July, and other screenings will hopefully be scheduled for New York and Michigan sometime this year.

We Are All Cylons – Preview from Ilana Rein on Vimeo.