Zack Snyder Admits ‘Batman v Superman’ Backlash Changed The Tone Of ‘Justice League’

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batman v superman poster close upbatman v superman poster close upbatman v superman poster close upbatman v superman poster close upbatman v superman poster close upBatman V Superman Dawn of Justice

To put it bluntly, ’Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ was a pretty bad movie. Though there was a small contingent that disagreed with that widely accepted consensus, plenty of people expressed their extreme displeasure with one of the most highly anticipated films of all time. In fact, such a large number of fans voiced their qualms with the film that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment were forced to do some shuffling behind the scenes. So with ‘Justice League’ entering the production phase recently, just how much did that backlash affect Zack Snyder’s next tale from the DC Cinematic Universe? The filmmaker recently touched on that during a massive press event at the Leavesden, England set.

According to Vulture, Snyder revealed that he was very surprised by the reaction his last film received from the general public. However, the director shared that he has listened to the criticisms and has changed up his game plan for ‘Justice League’ accordingly. Though he wasn’t too specific about the things that have changed, Snyder did go on to say that the dark tone for the DC hero team-up would have changed regardless of how ‘Dawn of Justice’ was received:

“When ‘Batman v Superman’ came out, I was like, ‘Wow, okay, oof’. It did catch me off guard. I have had to, in my mind, make an adjustment. I do think that the tone of ‘Justice League’ has changed because of what the fans have said. You really had to dig down on the darker parts of them to make them fight each other. I really do believe that with this movie, with ‘Justice League’, they’ve been freed of the responsibility to be in a place where they would fight each other. That’s liberating for us in making the movie, because now we have a single enemy with a single objective, and it’s really about uniting the team. That, to me, is a fun activity.”

Based on the various reports coming from the outlets that were invited to the set, Snyder has truly changed things up for this movie. Although, time will really tell whether the new approach was a successful one since it’s still early on in the process and we have yet to even see a trailer, teaser, or even an official still at this point.

What do you think about Zack Snyder’s comments regarding the tone of ‘Justice League’? Are you glad to hear that he and his team are actively working to improve upon their last effort? Or do you still anticipate some missteps in next year’s epic DC blockbuster? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.

‘Justice League’ starring Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher, Jason Momoa, Amy Adams, J.K. Simmons, Amber Heard, and Willem Dafoe opens in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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  • M1k3G

    Zack never got it. The movie was a wreck not because it was dark, but because he miscast key roles, had a crappy script, and screwed around with established mythology. Let’s take that in turn. Eisenbergs take as Alex Luthor was not only terrible acting, but also a complete ripoff of Heath Ledgers “Joker”. If Jesse had bothered to pick up a SINGLE graphic novel, he would have a clue to Lex’s character and motivation. Lex is not mentally deranged, he is simply ruthless and ambitious. As for the crappy script, there’s just too much to go into. Let’s just say that the 2 Martha’s was one feeble plot line, and the best known, so leave it at that. Finally, we have Lex waltzing into a Krypton spacecraft, and without having any clearance or authority, orders the ships A.I. to create Doomsday. That by itself would be ridiculous, didn’t Kryptonians have any basic security to prevent unauthorized use of their deadliest technology? What’s worse though, is that Doomsday is not a genetic creation of Zod and Alex’s DNA. Doomsday is a product of Krypton, but he also predates Kryptonians by hundreds of thousands of years. He also happens to be immortal and can’t be killed. Anyway, that’s the end of my rant. Hopefully Zack will do his homework next time. And hopefully, he’ll avoid the temptation of throwing in characters left right and center with nothing to add to the story.

    • John Doe

      Would have to agree with M1k3G here… If the only thing Zack got from QQing fans was that it was to dark he realy never got it… Infact IF the only thing ppl complained about was that it was to dark he should have answerd “This is DC, its supose to be dark. Go back to watching Disney!”.

      Problem the BvsS movie was that i realy felt that several key actors and esp writers had no clue about the mythology, or didnt care about it (I dont know whats worse)…

      What this film realy needed was a DC representative with a veto right to approve casting, scripts and post-prod stuff like cuting to make sure it was true (or as true as u can get) to the DCU mythology… And if they had one of those he/she should get fired asap.

      I for one liked the dark and somewhat gloomy feel, i mean its DC ffs… its supose to be dark. And its Batman VS Superman, its not Batman and Superman goes on spring break…