Neil Gaiman And Sandman Return To Vertigo

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Sandman OvertureIn 2011, DC Comics relaunched its mainstream super hero titles under the New 52 banner, designed to draw outside attention to its long-running characters, like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern.  In the meantime, DC’s adults-only imprint Vertigo saw its sales flagging.  Now that the New 52 is closing in on two years worth of stories, DC is looking to rekindle interest in Vertigo by reviving its flagship title, Sandman.  The title, which ran from 1987 until 1996, drew DC widespread acclaim, garnering numerous awards and nominations.  When the series ended, fans were sated with the culmination of the series, but now DC is bringing it back, under the pen of its original writer Neil Gaiman, in the form of ‘Sandman: Overture’.

‘Overture’ is a bi-monthly six-issue miniseries that will launch in October and will feature artwork by Batwoman illustrator J.H. Williams III.  The series will headline a larger relaunch of the entire mature readers imprint which will include “Hinterkind,” by Ian Edginton, which focuses on a post-apocalyptic world in which the creatures of myth and legend have returned, and “The Discipline,” by Peter Milligan, an erotic thriller about a woman at the center of a shadow war that spans eons.  Vertigo will also be launching “The Dead Boy Detectives” which is a spin-off from the original Sandman series.  The last major Vertigo series to launch was ‘Saucer Country’, a book that focused on politics and alien abductions and lasted just over a year.

Regarding his partnership with Williams, Gaiman expressed “They are the most beautiful pages I have ever seen in periodical comics.  I ask him to do the impossible, and he gives me back more than I asked for.”  DC will be releasing special editions of ‘Sandman: Overture’, featuring translucent word balloons to showcase more of the artwork in addition to behind-the-scenes commentary and artwork.

‘Sandman’ officially returns on October 30th.

Will it live up to the original series’ legacy, like the ‘Watchmen‘ prequels?  Or is DC going back to the well one too many times?  Will you be picking this series up?  Comment below!

  • This is the most intriguing news I’ve heard from the mainstream comics industry in quite some time!

    • JasonMBowles

      I’m not sure I’d call it “mainstream” necessarily, but here’s hoping it delivers!

  • The difference between this and ‘Watchmen’ is that the original creator is back on board so I expect it’ll be better. Besides… has Gaiman ever made anything bad? He’s like the Joss Whedon of literature.

    • JasonMBowles

      I actually liked all the “Before Watchmen” books I read. Ozymandias was particularly good. But even so, this is interesting news at the very least.

  • Kevin Breen

    Odd. I’d thought they did away with Vertigo because all the New 52 books were “mature readers” books. Gaiman is one writer I trust to do one with really mature themes instead of the dark, blood-soaked immature stuff that usually goes under the “mature” imprint.

    • JasonMBowles

      No, it’s always been there. Fables/Fairest, American Vampire, Saucer Country, Unwritten, The New Deadwardians, Punk Rock Jesus… they’ve been consistently publishing but struggling a bit to create new hits.

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