Fans of ‘American Horror Story’ were delighted to learn that Ryan Murphy was delivering a spin-off of sorts with another anthology series ‘American Horror Stories’.  True, ‘American Horror Story’ is an anthology, with a new story with new characters every season, but ‘AHStories’ will be even more finely focused, with a different tale each episode.

Very little is known about ‘AHStories’.  It obviously hasn’t begun filming due to the coronavirus, but at least one ‘AHStory’ alum is attached in some capacity.  Sarah Paulson recently divulged that she would be directing for the new show.

“What can I say?… I’ll be directing something.”

Paulson is the lead on the Murphy-created Netflix series ‘Ratched’ which debuts on September 18.

Over the years, she has served as something of a muse to the hitmaker, starting with a smaller role in Season 1, “Murder House,” as the medium Billie Dean Howard, whom she reprised in S5, “Hotel.”  She became a series regular in S2, “Asylum,” as investigative journalist, Lana Winters.  In S3, “Coven,” she portrayed head witch Cordelia Goode Foxx.  That character returned in S8, “Apocalypse.”  In S4, “Freak Show,” she portrayed conjoined twins Bette and Dot Tatler.

In addition to Billie Dean Howard, in “Hotel,” she played the larger role of the ghost of junkie Sally McKenna.  In “Roanoke,” she portrayed actress Audrey Tindall, and then in “Cult,” she played phobia-plagued restauranteur Ally Mayfair-Richards.  In addition to starring as Cordelia in “Apocalypse,” she played the new character, Wilhemina Venable.

She sat out the last season, “1984,” but was set to return for the 10th, which was indefinitely postponed due to COVID-19.

She was nominated for Emmy Awards for her performances on “Asylum,” “Coven,” “Freak Show,” “Hotel,” and “Cult.”

She also co-starred on Murphy’s ‘ American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson’ as real-life attorney Marcia Clark, for which she won the Emmy.  She is attached to portray Linda Tripp in the next installment of ‘ACS’ subtitled ‘Impeachment’, based on the Bill Clinton presidency.  She also appeared in yet another Murphy FX project, ‘Feud’ as Geraldine Page.

She stated that her next project will be ‘Impeachment’ but she stated that she isn’t sure when it will be safe to begin filming.

Unlike ‘AHStory’, ‘AHStories’ will only be viewable on FX on Hulu, not the regular cable network.  Check back for news on ‘AHStory’ and ‘AHStories’ as it arrives.


Source: Deadline