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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Apian Way and In Good Company Films are developing a TV series based on Aldous Huxley’s last novel, 1962’s ‘Island’.  Huxley’s 1932 novel, ‘Brave New World’ was adapted into a TV series on the new streaming service Peacock.  Huxley wrote ‘Island’ as the utopian counterpoint to the dystopian ‘Brave New World’.

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‘Island’ follows cynical journalist and political pawn, Will Farnaby, who is dispatched to an idyllic island in the Indian Ocean.  He was originally sent by a greedy oil tycoon, who wants the island, named Pala, for its untapped petroleum reserves, but upon his arrival, Farnaby discovers a fully-formed, independent society “including psychedelic adventures and alternative social structures,” and his loyalties change.  (You’re right.  It does sound an awful lot like ‘Avatar’.)

DiCaprio will serve as an executive producer, but that will likely be his only involvement.  No creatives– writers, directors– were announced, nor was an outlet.  The ‘Island’ TV series is likely years away from becoming a reality, but if any news surfaces, we’ll offer updates.

Appian Way has produced a number of documentaries for Netflix, National Geographic, and more.  It is also producing the science-fact series ‘The Right Stuff’, which was originally developed for NatGeo but will instead be offered via Disney+, sometime later this year.

Are you a fan of Huxley’s work?  Do you think ‘Island’ will make a decent TV series?


Source: Variety