Are you ready for your first look at ‘Helstrom’?  Hulu has delivered it courtesy of SDCC@Home.  This is the last Marvel-based live-action series before Marvel Studios begins delivering its original Marvel shows through Disney+, which will actually connect to the ultra-popular Marvel Cinematic Universe.

To make sure no one makes a mistake that this has anything to do with the films, ‘Helstrom’ isn’t branded as a Marvel project.  It is simply labeled as a “Hulu Original.”

Tom Austen and Sydney Lemmon star as siblings Daimon and Ana Helstrom, the children of a notorious serial killer and a mother, Victoria (played by Elizabeth Marvel) who is locked away in an asylum.  Daimon and Ana spend their time investigating paranormal activities, but it seems that perhaps the darkest evil is closer to them than they realize.

The cast also includes Robert Wisdom, June Carryl, and Alain Uy.

Speaking to, Marvel described the tone of ‘Helstrom’, saying:

“I think it’s, I wouldn’t say it’s too scary or scarier than a lot of the territory explored in, you know, something like Daredevil or a lot of shows and movies that are out there can get dark, but it’s just different.  It’s a different kind of story, a different kind of fear, a different kind of playing out of similar elements. But, you know, I spend a lot of time climbing on walls and flying. So there’s still a lot of the same, the same sort of elements are used in this story. It’s just to a different kind of purpose.

“I think people will find satisfaction with some of the familiar of what they really love in this world. And then they’ll be encouraged to open new doors and to whole different wings of this giant building of Marvel that they’ve never been in before, which I think is going to be really fun because I think that the Marvel world it’s so huge, but it’s been sort of kept in one centralized zone. And now we’re saying, ‘Come over here with us to this whole new section,’ and I think it’ll be a great pleasure for people to do that.”

Watch the trailer below:

‘Helstrom’ will debut as part of Hulu’s “Huluween” on October 16.