Halo display at Toy Fair 2020

In a fairly unexpected move, last fall the team at Wicked Cool Toys (a recently acquired subsidiary of Jazwares) recently announced that they had taken over the master toy license for the iconic ‘Halo’ video game franchise! Fans were eagerly awaiting more news following the announcement, but sadly were left waiting for news that would never come. Until now that is! This year at New Toy Toy Fair 2020 Wicked Cool Toys was proud to show off their all-new ‘Halo’ themed products and while they said there was stuff they couldn’t even show us yet, we were mindblown because it certainly didn’t look like they were holding anything back!

‘Halo’ is an all-new license for Wicked Cool Toys and there have been a number of other companies that held the license in the past including McFarlane Toys and Mattel, which means that Wicked Cool Toys has some big shoes to fill if they want to make their mark on the brand. Thankfully for fans and collectors, it looks like they have done just that, kickstarting their product launch with a wide array of products for ‘Halo’ fans of all ages (although the game IS rated ‘M for Mature’)!

The one big take away that we had from this booth, besides just how awesome these collectibles look, is that this new ‘Halo’ line is being made for fans, by fans. We were told that the entire team working on the toyline grew up on ‘Halo’ (which is weird to think about, but then you realize the first game is almost twenty years old), and they are all very passionate about the brand; which shines through in all of the insane details that have gone into making these quite possibly the best ‘Halo’ collectibles we’ve ever seen.

The product lines for ‘Halo’ look to be split into three different areas and splintered even further into two subgroups; for kids or for collectors. Wicked Cool Toys has thankfully struck a near-perfect balance for these with a line of 3.75″ figures for kids, a line of 6.5″ figures for collectors, a larger scale 12″ scale line for kids, and some neat role-play items that are for both!

The ‘Halo’ 3.75″ scale line of figures is themed heavily on the newest game in the franchise, ‘Halo: Infinite’, which is due to hit stores this holiday season. These figures are highly detailed, fully articulated, and perfectly scaled to one another; which means that while the average figure height is 3.75″, smaller and larger characters are scaled properly. For example, your Master Chief figure is going to stand a head taller than a standard UNSC Trooper figure. The line is already looking very expansive, featuring a variety of UNSC Soldiers, and plenty of Covenant like Elites, Grunts, and Jackals.

These smaller scale 3.75″ ‘Halo’ line will be available as single carded figures, as well as in multipacks, which will include color variant “mud-packs” of figures sporting dirt and more on their armor. There will even be some fan favorite vehicles like the Warthog and Mongoose available! The figures each come packed with figure stands that click together so you can build some fun terrain for your battlefield.

Kids will also have the option of picking up some fully articulated 12″ scale ‘Halo’ figures. These are still pretty detailed but are designed with kids in mind and a $9.99 price point so that they don’t break the bank.

For those of you who are big collectors, don’t worry! Wicked Cool Toys has the new 6.5″ scale ‘Halo: Spartan Collection’ line heading our way and it pulls from all over the ‘Halo’ franchise’s twenty-year legacy. The idea with this line was to move things forward while paying respect to the past, so it gives us a nice blend of characters like Master Chief, several general Multiplayer designs, and fan favorite Noble Team member Kat from ‘Halo: Reach’! These figures feature collector level details at a nice and low $19.99 price point, making them an ideal line for long time fans of the brand.

Rounding out the initial offerings for the ‘Halo’ brand from Wicked Cool Toys are their role play items. For kids, there will be standard half masks for play, but for big kids (aka adult collectors) there will be a 1:1 scale Master Cheif Helmet Replica complete with see-through visor and working lights on the side of the helmet! This Helmet is made with collectors in mind so it’s very much a piece of art you will want to display but won’t be able to help wearing!

Saving arguably the best for last, Wicked Cool Toys showed off their new 1:1 scale Energy Sword! This electronic prop replica is made for fans of all ages, featuring built in lights and sounds, as well as vibrations in the hilt and a special “energizing” effect that makes it look and feel like its really a pulsing energy blade!

While all of these are super exciting to see for ‘Halo’ fans, what is perhaps the most important thing that we need to note? That this is only the beginning, and Wicked Cool Toys has so much more in the pipeline.

Which ‘Halo’ collectibles from Wicked Cool Toys are your favorites? Which ones do you hope to see them tackle next? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned for all of the latest from Toy Fair 2020!