Stranger Things: David Harbour as Hopper

The one thing which we’ve all been dying to know is if Hopper was The American from the after-the-credits scene of the third season for ‘Stranger Things‘ and now the fourth season teaser confirms he is alive! We still have almost no details about the story but just knowing that David Harbour is back as Sheriff Hopper is going to have fans squealing with joy.

I was always hopeful that we would see Eleven’s adoptive father return as he has been such a great character for the story, but we all know that no one is really safe on the show.

You can view the ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 teaser in the tweet below!


As you can tell from the Tweet, this clip is called “From Russia with love” and indicates that Hopper is currently working as forced labor by his captors. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to see how he ended up in Russia instead of The Upside Down. We’ve seen hints that the US Government was trying to use Eleven’s powers to spy and possibly even assassinate targets across the globe, and you can bet this was Russia’s aim as well. How that translates into being able to transport between locations, when it appears that Russia couldn’t duplicate the experiments far from Hawkins, Indiana, makes you wonder what is going on here.

Thankfully, we might be back up to nine episodes, so the cast and crew can flesh this part of the story out on top of whatever the season will actually be about.

Are you thrilled to see that David Harbour is back as Sheriff Hopper for ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4? How do you think that our reluctant hero will end up back in the United States before the season comes to an end? Is there any chance this teaser a fake-out, and we won’t be seeing the original Hopper return? Share your thoughts in the comments below!