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RUMOR MILL: This information is just a RUMOR so take it with a grain of salt!

The reason I canceled my DC Universe account may be getting a second chance.  It appears that Donna Troy/Wonder Girl will be back in season 3 of ‘Titans’ and may even be getting her own spin-off show!  Via Comic Book Nostalgia, Geeks Worldwide, a GOSSIP site has triple checked and it appears that Connor Leslie, who portrayed Donna on ‘Titans’ is expected to return in Season 3, and she might even headline her own series.

DC Comics

‘Titans’ is a hot mess.  I know there are people that enjoy it, but… wow, is it awful.  But I will support anything that revolves around Donna Troy.  So if that means re-subscribing to the sinking ship that is DC Universe, I’ll do it.  As Comic Book Nostalgia points out, Raven brought a deer back to life after being killed, and she also went back to Themyscira after Donna’s death, so she may pull the same empathic witchery on Donna.


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Also, according to the same report, Warner Brothers is eyeing various members of the ‘Titans’ for potential spin-offs.  ‘Hawk & Dove’ would be the most logical, seeing as how they have operated as vigilantes outside of the team and they weren’t really major characters in the ‘Teen Titans’ comic books.

DC is a subsidiary of Warner Brothers, and the parent company is launching a bigger streaming service with HBO Max.  That service will offer all of the DC-based movies and original shows ‘Green Lantern’, ‘Strange Adventures’, ‘DC Super Hero High’, and the animated series ‘Aquaman: King of Atlantis’.  HBO Max will also air episodes of ‘Doom Patrol’, alongside DC Universe.  There is also a RUMORED ‘Blue Beetle’ show set to be offered on this service.

But while ‘Doom Patrol’ will be available on HBO Max and ‘Stargirl’ will be offered through The CW, ‘Titans’ remains the draw that pulls subscribers to DC Universe.

For now, this is just a RUMOR, but check back for more information as it is announced.