Star Trek: Picard : Patrick Stewart as Picard
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You can watch the first episode of ‘Star Trek: Picard’ even without a subscription to CBS All Access.  The first episode has been uploaded to Youtube.  The desire is, of course, that after watching the first episode, you’ll be hooked and will sign up for the CBS All Access streaming service.  By doing so, you can not only continue to follow the modern exploits of Patrick Stewart’s beloved Admiral Jean-Luc Picard, but you can catch up on ‘Star Trek: Discovery’, ‘Star Trek: Short Treks’, and other originals like ‘Tell Me a Story’, ‘The Twilight Zone’, and ‘The Good Fight’.

Regarding ‘Picard’, Stewart previously stated:

“One of the reasons he’s different is that Patrick Stewart has also aged 20 years. And that is a significant difference, not only in my physical life, which is OK but [my] emotional life, internal life. You get to a point where your view of the future becomes somewhat adjusted by how far away the future might be.”

The first episode has gotten a bit of a mixed reaction but judge for yourself.  You can watch it below:


Alex Kurtzman, the current gatekeeper of the ‘Star Trek’ universe, discussed the new series by saying:

“In looking back at his regrets, Picard says, ‘I let the perfect be the enemy of the good,’ He held, as he always has, such a high moral bar for how to behave in complicated gray areas. Then when he felt that Starfleet didn’t act in that interest, he took his toys and went home.


“[Picard] is much more broken. And he no longer has an armada behind him… It’s very easy to be the great man who faces complicated choices when you have an army behind you. It’s much harder when you don’t.”

What did you think about the premiere episode of ‘Star Trek: Picard’?  Are you looking forward to more?


Source: CBS All Access