Kevin Smith Weighs In On 'Howard The Duck' Being Cancelled

There was a lot of potential for the Marvel Hulu animated shows before the news that ‘Howard The Duck’ and ‘Tigra & Dazzler’ were canceled. We know that the original plan was to emulate both the MCU and Netflix’s shows by building to a giant team-up as had been done in both ‘The Avengers’ and ‘The Defenders.’

Now, it seems impossible for this to happen. With these shows now being dead in the water, ‘Howard the Duck’ producer Kevin Smith is weighing in on the show being cancelled before it was even able to be aired. The news is bittersweet as it sounds as if geek extraordinaire Smith wants to find a way to return to working on something from Marvel sooner than later:

This cancellation is sad news because, as recently as last December, Smith shared on his ‘Fatman Beyond’ podcast that Marvel Studios was eager to move forward with the project after taking over all of Marvel TV’s projects. At the time, he stated, “Now, Marvel TV won’t cease to exist; it’s just becoming this different version. I hear the Hulu shows are still alive. So far, so good for Howard the Duck. I’ll let you know if anything happens.”

At this time, both ‘M.O.D.O.K.’ and ‘Hit-Monkey’ are still set to move forward on Hulu. It is unclear if these two could end up suffering the same fate.

Are you saddened to hear that ‘Howard the Duck’ is being canceled? What Marvel property would you love to see Kevin Smith work on? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!