Following last issue‘s massacre at the park (mysterious angels who LOVE skinning humans), K-Mag sums up everyone’s mood: “Oh my days.”

The Ri-Boys leader continues to pressure Constantine for help. “It’s not a question of IF, is it? It’s WHY,” our surly hero retorts. JC’s motivations are rarely for gain alone or formal payment. Constantine likes the strategy of it and seems to find amusement in watching others fail (via their own hand, or by JC’s own contributions). K-Mag appears to pick up on this, calling the magician out. “You tell yourself you can’t leave no evil sh*t without making beef on it,” he says, ending with, “I know a junkie when I see him.” Boy, is that accurate.

Hellblazer Issue 2

Constantine relents with the promise that K-Mag won’t hurt Noah, the mute lad. Noah signs that it’s better to stand behind a tiger than in front of wolves. Ever the a-hole, Constantine admits he doesn’t know sign language, but that whatever Noah said is “really stupid.” He lights a smoke and heads off, mumbling about being a survivor. Later, Noah suggests that he put a bullet in JC’s noggin. This relationship seems one-sided, methinks.

JC consults Vestibulan (a former angel whose indecision earned him a place in Hell), who’s magically imprisoned in John’s cell phone (via magician Timothy Hunter. Long story). The angel spends his time watching adult films, and/or violent internet clips. Knowing the angel is desperate, Constantine bargains: find a certain someone and their phone number in exchange for a bit of fun in the outside world.

Later, Constantine’s back at the bar, trading jokes with the bouncer, Nat. She lets him know she’s aware of his “mystic” occupation. He plays along, mentioning a “bit of work” at Peckham Rye. Turns out this is the location where writer William Blake had visions about “angels,” which Nat is quick to relate. Wondering what it all means, JC heads for the Men’s Room where he runs into D.S. Dole at the urinals. The detective advises Constantine to leave Noah alone, with a knife for emphasis. Apparently the boy’s been through a lot. Just then, JC receives the number he wanted, which belongs to Barry the Traffic.

Hellblazer Issue 2

We saw Barry last issue, fuming about a past screw-over at Constantine’s hands. JC taunts the scarred man, prompting Barry to draw his gun, an act that causes the “angels” to suddenly appear. The beings take Barry’s fingers off. JC calls on Vestibulan, who then takes vengeance on the angels who shunned him. But the former angel realizes something isn’t right.

“This is not holy flesh,” Vestibulan exclaims, which confirms Constantine’s suspicions. These “angels” are somehow dreamt up.

Leaving Vestibulan to go where he pleases, JC chats up the homeless man who resides in the park. He’s still racist, still babbling about the angels he’s seen. Constantine mentions Blake’s work, which gets a sign of recognition from the old man. “You wouldn’t know what a Thoughtform is … Tulpas?” Constantine asks. The old man responds to JC’s question by (I think) calling down this power, a staff of light in his grip. So this guy’s the source power? I’m not sure yet.

“A Green And Pleasant Land, Part Two” continues the quality of the last issue, with Spurrier serving up jokes for the street mage, as he investigates. Aaron Campbell’s pencil mix well with Jordie Bellaire’s coloring — very reminiscent of artist Leonardo Manco’s presentation. The next issue appears to be the conclusion of the angel problem, which makes me wonder if the series will be told in short parts, maybe “Monster of the Month” style? I love a good, quick Constantine story, so I’m pleased to see this tale won’t stretch itself out. One complaint: no Boris Johnson this issue.

I need to know, Spurrier. I need to know what the Prime Minister’s up to.

Joke of the Issue: Guy’s Ex calls up, sounds aggravated. Asks the man if he’s felt any pain “down there” lately. Like pins, needles, she clarifies. He says No. “Why d’ye ask?”

There’s a pause, then she says: “What about now?”