Baby Yoda

While “Star Wars” fans are loving the introduction of Baby Yoda on Disney+’s ‘The Mandalorian,’ we’ll only learn a limited amount about “the child” as the show progresses. This news comes from executive producer and director Dave Filoni who was recently asked about how much we’ll learn about Lucasfilm’s newest moneymaker. You could imagine that Disney might want to milk the character for everything its worth, but it seems that it will stay shrouded in mystery for the time being.


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According to Filoni:

“It’s exciting, but I think there’s a lot of responsibility around it. I mean, one of the reasons that I really got interested in this story that Jon as pitched was the subject of this child, and just knowing George (Lucas) and how important the character of Yoda is to him, I wanted to make sure that I could help shepherd this idea. I think we still want to keep a lot of things a mystery, we don’t want to go around answering things and making him less special but let’s tell a story that’s interesting and compelling and add to this great galaxy.”

We know that the mystery surrounding Baby Yoda wasn’t just kept within the series, though. Toymakers weren’t even given any advanced notice of Baby Yoda due to how many ‘Star Wars’ leaks come from toys. While they’re quickly working to bring us Baby Yoda merchandising, this was an active decision to help keep the big reveal a surprise.

“That was a big secret to keep, but Jon and I were pretty adamant that it would be the best thing for fans if we could get them to the finish line and they could experience it in the episode.”

I’m pretty sure everyone who enjoyed the big Baby Yoda reveal as much as I did can appreciate this decision.

Are you glad that Baby Yoda will end up still being a bit of a mystery when ‘The Mandalorian’ comes to an end? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Source: ET