The Mandalorian Could Get A Feature Film
‘The Mandalorian’ Disney+ Promotional Poster

We’re only one chapter in on ‘The Mandalorian’ on Disney+ and the streaming service might be looking to push this bounty hunter onto the big screen. A second season of the series has already started filming according to showrunner Jon Favreau but Disney chief creative officer and co-chairman Alan Horn has shared that there could be even bigger plans in store for the character.

While speaking at the Variety Business Managers Breakfast this week in Beverly Hills, Horn revealed:

“The Mandalorian is already proving to be a big thing, so if that series proves to be so compelling that we reverse engineer it into a theatrical release, a two-hour film or whatever, O.K.”

While it seemed unclear if Horn was sharing that a two hour cut of the series would become a film or that this would be a movie based on the character, anyone who has seen the first episode can attest that visually it can go toe-to-toe with anything coming out of Hollywood right now. The sweeping cinematics fit in perfectly with the “Star Wars” universe and we’re finally getting a look at one of the most exciting aspects that have been hinted at but barely explored on screen.

Yes, the bounty hunters are in full force here. While we’re not seeing much on the smuggling end of things, ‘The Mandalorian’ has increased a look into the world of bounty hunting and we’re only one episode in!

If you ordered Disney+, what have you thought about ‘The Mandalorian’ so far? Would a film giving an expanded look into what bounty hunters have to do be something that you’d want to check out? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Slash Film