Netflix Releases 3 Stranger Things Blooper Reels

As promised, the producers of ‘Stranger Things’ have delivered blooper reels for all three seasons of the hit series in honor of 11/06, the date on which Will Byers first went missing, back in 1983, a date now known as ‘Stranger Things Day’.  Even with its dark themes at times, the ‘Stranger Things’ cast has always given off the vibe that they are having the time of their lives making the show, and it seems that the occasional laugh break is in order so that they can keep their sanity.

Even though ‘Stranger Things’ stars a large number of teen actors, it sometimes seems that it’s the adults that have the hardest time delivering their lines, especially David Harbour who, according to this clip, can’t seem to say the word “Grandma” without bursting out laughing.  It gets so bad, his youthful co-star Millie Bobbie Brown exclaims, “What’s wrong with you?!”


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Check out the Season 3 blooper reel below:


If you can’t get enough of the hijinks of the ‘Stranger Things’ cast, here is the Season 1 blooper reel.  If you haven’t gone back to revisit the series in a while, be prepared to be stunned by just how little the kids were!  Bonus: Eleven is still bald!:


And here is the reel for Season 2:


Netflix has ordered a fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’, but as we know, the Duffer Brothers have stated that the show will end after either four or five, so this could be the last trip into the Upside Down.  We know that some of the action takes place far away, like Siberia.  But there may be a shortcut that allows the cast members to venture there without a transatlantic flight and visas.  There is someone known only as “the American” locked up there, along with a Demogorgon in captivity.  The first part of that statement gives hope that a certain someone who is believed to be dead, might not be.


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Closer to Hawkins, Eleven seems to be tapped out of psychic mojo, and she has relocated along with the Byers to parts unknown.  Max has to figure out how to explain Billy’s death.  Actually, perhaps the kids all need to work on cover stories as the crazy stuff happening in Hawkins is now making the news and that’s attracting… well, strangers.

‘Stranger Things 4’ is expected to begin filming in early 2020, but may not arrive until 2021.


Source: Entertainment Weekly