What If...? Showrunner Drops Details About Peggy Becoming Captain America

We’ve long been teased that Peggy Carter will become Captain America in ‘What If…?‘ and now showrunner Ashley Bradley is sharing how it all came together. Fans of Hayley Atwell are thrilled to hear that she’ll be returning to voice her character one last time and having her reimaged as the one to receive the super-soldier serum will give us an entirely new take on how the Marvel Cinematic Universe could have progressed.

While the show always planned on doing something related to Steve Rogers first, the exact story wasn’t set in stone:

“Early on, there was already this consensus to do Captain America as the first episode. We didn’t know which- what the story would be exactly. Then this idea of Peggy Carter, not only a fan favorite but a favorite around the Marvel offices, and getting to show her story more became tantalizing. It was just fun and fascinating. The idea of writing Peggy kicking ass in WWII wielding the shield was just a pleasure to write.”

As to the story moving forward once the idea came presented itself, that wasn’t immediate:

“I think it took me two days to start the script because just writing in the words “Project Rebirth” was terrifying. I felt a burden. I have to do right by these characters. I have to do right not only by Hayley Atwell but by the millions of people who have now grown up with the incident with Captain America, with Peggy, and also tell the story.”

Comic fans have already met an iteration of this version of Captain America, and it will be exciting to see the MCU version of Peggy Carter wield the shield. It’ll be fun to see how this changes the MCU timeline as if this follows the comic premise we’ll see a bit of how this change ripples forward.

Here is the first teaser art which was also presented for the series.


Are you excited to see Peggy Carter as Captain America on ‘What If…?’ How do you think this will change the course of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

Source: Comic Book