Jim Lee Weighs In On Todd Phillips’ ‘Joker’

To say that the Joker’s origin is concrete is like saying the Riddler is only mildly fascinated with complex enigmas. That bucket of smiling fish just won’t hold water. Throughout the character’s nearly eighty-year history, even the most fan-accepted backstory to the Clown Prince of Crime is itself in doubt of being true due to the Joker’s flippant relationship with the truth. Now another fold to the grinning rogue’s past has been added with the release of the latest trailer for Todd Phillips’ ‘Joker’. A number of details were revealed that seemed to contradict what little we thought we knew about the character.   RELATED:  Are You A DC Purist? If So, Todd Phillips Says “Yeah, You May Wanna Skip” ‘The Joker’   To put fans’ minds at ease, comic book legend and current CCO of DC Comics Jim Lee took to Instagram with his thoughts on Joaquin Phoenix’s version of the Joker. Though Lee does emphasize this new big-screen adaptation is not strapped down by the lore of DC comics, he also ensures comic book fans that the core of the character is in sync with who we’ve come to know over the years. Lee dove into the experience … Continue reading Jim Lee Weighs In On Todd Phillips’ ‘Joker’