Echoes of War By Cheryl Campbell

I love when I get my hands on a copy of a novel early that I’m pretty sure is going to be a sleeper hit. That is precisely the case with Cheryl Campbell’s ‘Echoes of War’ which is going to be perfect for fans of post-apocalyptic worlds who are looking for more of a science fiction twist. It is billed as the first installment of the “Echoes Trilogy” which I hope we won’t have to wait too long for the sequel as this was just a fun read.

In ‘Echoes of War’ follows the main character of Dani, who is a scavenger that is barely surviving in the outskirts of what is left of Maine. The planet has been overrun by a group known as The Wardens who are an alien race that is working to destroy humanity. These aliens, known as Echoes, for the most part, were at peace with humankind but The Wardens have taken control and want to wipe out Earth’s native species. The real kicker for humans who are working against these invaders is that the species is nearly immortal.

To save a young boy from slavery, Dani is thrown directly into the conflict and soon discovers that she isn’t the human she believed herself to be. In fact, Dani is one of the Echoes even though she feels more at home with the humans; some of who her people have worked to subjugate and kill. Now, she has no choice but to come directly into the conflict with the Wardens and find a way to fight back against their regime.

Dani is a flawed character and one who we get to see grow into her own over time. She doesn’t want to be a hero, she doesn’t want to be involved, she makes mistakes. Honestly, at the start of the book, Dani isn’t even that likable off the bat. Yet, through it all, we see her start to become something more and evolves as she becomes more exposed to the world she lives in. Her personality grows as she becomes more enjoyable as the novel progresses.

‘Echoes of War’ is a fun take on the future of our planet when aliens come to visit. Some of what happened and how humanity is surviving has been fleshed out with enough left to the imagination to keep you wanting more. While a few more details could have been nice, they likely would have bogged down the story had they been put in.




Echoes of War
By: Cheryl Campbell
September 10th, 2019