There have seemingly been hundreds of genre TV shows that revolve around a central mystery that slowly unravels as the show goes on.  It doesn’t appear that ABC’s upcoming ‘Emergence’ is one of them.

Created by Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, ‘Emergence’ stars Allison Tolman (‘Fargo’) as police chief Jo Evans, a recently divorced mother to a teenage daughter, Bree (Ashley Aufderheide), who comes to care for a young girl, Piper (Alexa Skye Swinton) who is the only survivor of a mysterious plane crash, although she has no memory of what happened.  As Jo investigates Piper’s past, she finds this mystery is “more intense than expected.”  “Not only that, a series of bizarre electronic disruptions and unexplained forces are also at play, all tied to the young girl.”


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But unlike other shows, ‘Emergence’ will begin unraveling the mystery quickly.  Owain Yeoman, who plays the Reuters reporter Benny, stated:

“We’ve been surprised as a cast just how quickly information comes about Piper and revelations for all of us.  That’s very satisfying.”

Tolman played a cop on ‘Fargo’, but she discovered that between then and now, a strange thing happened.

“I faked it.  When I had to do weapons training for Emergence, I was like, ‘Guys, it’s cool. I’ve done this before. I’m really good at this… [but] everyone holds guns differently now.”

‘Emergence’ also stars Clancy Brown as Jo’s father Ed, an ex-firefighter; Donald Faison as Jo’s ex-husband, Alex; Robert Bailey Jr. as police officer Chris; and Zabryna Guevara as Jo’s best friend, Abby, a pediatrician.

Just how genre is ‘Emergence’?  Faison stated:

“It’s family-based also. Around all of this chaos that’s going on, it’s really about this unit of people that have come together to figure out who this little girl is.”

Tolman was last seen in the recurring role as Mary Pat, the blackmailing soccer mom on NBC’s dark comedy ‘Good Girls’.

‘Emergence’ premieres on ABC on Tuesday, September 24 at 10pm EST.


Source: TV Line