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Garth Ennis created something special with ‘The Boys’ and we’ve been waiting to see more of how the new show will compare to the comics. Now, Amazon has released an official trailer for the series that really shows off exactly what kind of a revenge story that the streaming network will be delivering! The show is set to kick off on July 26th, 2019, and I’m eagerly awaiting the release! While the NSFW trailer really ramped up the carnage over this one, it feels like this is the teaser that will really get audiences interested.


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The short synopsis used to describe the series has it listed as:

Supes have been committing atrocities, which keep getting swept under the rug because they are revered by the adoring public. Billy Butcher recruits The Boys who have all been wronged by The Seven, the world’s most notorious superheroes, to bring them down and stop the corruption. Based on the best-selling comics by Garth Ennis, The Boys is a revenge story where the nobodies take on the somebodies.

You can check out the official ‘The Boys’ trailer right here!


Eric Kripke previously stated the series has “had to erase stories ’cause reality outdid us in how insane things are.” This is shows how well a job Ennis did at predicting “the world we are now living in” when writing the comic. This makes you wonder exactly how over the top Amazon has gone at developing the show.

What did you think about the first full official trailer for ‘The Boys’? Will you be binge watching it when the series is released at the end of next month? If you’ve read the comics, do you feel that they’ve been able to capture the same tone as what was on paper? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


‘The Boys’ arrive on Amazon Prime Video on July 26th.