project blue book

Robert Zemeckis‘s ‘Project Blue Book‘ will officially be back for a sophomore season! This isn’t too surprising as the show isn’t just what turned History into the top destination for cable on Tuesday Nights but is also getting an average of 3.4 million viewers in L+3. This makes the series the top new show for ratings on cable for total viewers this season!

For those who haven’t been keeping up with the show, it stars Aidan Gillen and Michael Malarkey and is based on real events. ‘Project Blue Book’ follows investigations into Unidentified Flying Object conducted by the U.S. Air Force in both the 50’s and ’60s. Gillen plays Dr. J. Allen Hynek who was recruited by the U.S. Air Force to oversee this top secret operation.

The news came from Executive Vice President and Head of Programming of History, Eli Lehrer:

“We are believers in Project Blue Book, and so is our audience who has sparked a conversation about the hundreds of unsolved cases and our nation’s military response to UFOs that have remained relatively secret until now. Zemeckis, A+E Studios and our extraordinary creative team have shaped a compelling narrative that is the perfect blend of historical authenticity and entertainment that inspires curiosity in our viewers to learn more. We’ve touched on a very relevant topic and look forward to a second season.”

With thousands of cases having been investigated by the real Project Blue Book this is a series which could continue for years to come if the acting and plots keep audiences glued to their TV’s for it.

Are you thrilled to hear that ‘Project Blue Book’ will continue for a second season? Do you feel that it has the staying power to remain on the air long past that? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Deadline