Netflix Has To Urge Stupid People Not To Take The Bird Box Challenge

Netflix doesn’t usually disclose its streaming numbers, but the subscription service was only too happy to announced that 45 million people had watched its new original movie, ‘Bird Box’ in its first week of availability.  This post-apocalyptic thriller, directed by Susanne Bier, focuses on Sandra Bullock as a woman who lives in a world invaded by a mysterious force (or creatures), that are so horrific that almost anyone who looks at them immediately commits suicide.  A few are partially immune and rather than killing themselves, trick others into looking at the… whatever… and killing themselves.

While Bullock’s character Malorie manages to find a safe haven for years, eventually she is forced to flee and seek refuge in a promised land down a rocky river.  In order to keep from dying, she and the two children she is protecting must remain blindfolded the entire time.  The sight (no pun intended) of Bullock and the two blindfolded children, played by Julien Edwards and Vivien Lyra Blair, struggling to make their way through dangerous terrain, not to mention the rapids on the river, has inspired some dumbasses to see how well they can navigate the world while blindfolded.

In order to prevent these viewers from injuring themselves or others, Netflix had to take to Twitter to urge people not to take the ‘Bird Box’ challenge.

Obviously, if a person can see, if they suddenly can’t, they’re going to be helpless.  Actual blind and visually impaired people have had years, maybe even their whole lives, to adjust to their surroundings.  Even in the film, Malorie is in seclusion and has been practicing living without sight here and there for years.  And even then, she’s pretty bad at it!

So obviously, just because someone watched a movie last week, does not mean they’re suddenly Daredevil. But Netflix didn’t just issue this warning for no reason.  Check out these morons:

Despite the caption, this phenomenon is not limited to New York.

Why do you have to bring the dog into this?!

It’s a good thing the Republicans are in power and Darwinism doesn’t currently exist.

Source: Deadline