Will The Flash Deal With Crisis On Infinite Earths? It Sounds That Way!

“Crisis on Infinite Earths” is one of the foundational crossover stories in the DC Comic Universe and now there is more evidence that we’ll see the story show up on ‘The Flash.’ The series has dropped hints about the storyline throughout all five seasons of The CW series and now Grant Gustin and showrunner Todd Helbing have practically admitted that it is coming! At the very least, the showrunner knows how they’ll be handling the event if and when it does happen.

According to Helbing:

“Yeah. But that’s all I can say… Greg [Berlanti] really has a sort of master plan of things, and I’m really excited about how it’s going to pay off.”

However, Gustin was more forthcoming with the fact that the story arc has been discussed. The only downside is that it sounds as if the story could take place a few more seasons down the line which means ratings will have to either remain roughly where they are or potentially even go back up a bit:

“It is really fulfilling. I hope we can stick around long enough to see what’s going on with that newspaper article. We’d have to make it four more seasons, five more seasons. It’s cool, though. It feels like it’s earned. Me and Stephen had that conversation a lot during the crossover, actually. There’s a lot of even just comedic moments that we have that are funny because they’re earned — because of the history of the characters and the journey they’ve been on. It is one of the best parts of doing these as a series versus a film — people have been with us. I’ve met kids who have gone through all of high school watching this show. To have that kind of stamp on people’s lives is pretty special.”

With Thanksgiving freshly over, it is reason enough to give thanks that the series is still speeding forward. The idea that they’re speeding towards “Crisis on Infinite Earths” is something to be even more excited for.

Do you feel that we’ll ever see “Crisis on Infinite Earths” hit ‘The Flash’ and the rest of The Arrowverse? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Source: Comic Book