With the barrage of promos the CW has been releasing to promote this year’s annual crossover event, it might be easy to get lost in all the promotional material and lose track of some of the hints the network is dropping about some of the big surprises that are coming our way. One of the big recent ones of late comes from a new promo which has Barry Allen (currently in the identity of Oliver Queen/ The Green Arrow) in Gotham City with Cisco, discussing the “legend” of Batman. While the images show what look to be a number of prisoners escaping from Arkham Asylum, one prisoner, in particular, is seen leaping off the stairs in front of the building with a nightstick in his mouth. His hair has a light sheen that could almost be green and while he is jumping, a distinctively Joker-esque laugh can be heard in the background. We first see this figure when Barry uses the word “legend.”

elseworlds is this the joker

So the question now is, could the crossover be introducing Batman’s arch nemesis? Clearly with the introduction of Batwoman, the trip to Gotham, and the fact that a doctor from Arkham Asylum starts the events that trigger the crossover, the world of the Dark Knight is now open game for the Arrowverse. I, for one, had assumed Batman himself and his most famous enemies were still off-limits, especially the Joker since he is slated to be in a number of upcoming films. But perhaps the rules have changed for Warner Bros (and it would be about time that they did) and the execs have decided to allow more than one version of the character to exist thus allowing the Arrowverse producers the ability to pit the Joker against their heroes. Or it could just be a quick cameo similar to when we saw a woman fans were pretty sure was Harley Quinn being held in ARGUS back in the early days of ‘Arrow.’

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think we’ll get the Joker, or at least a cameo, in the Arrowverse? Or are we reading too much into this? Check out the promos for yourself below and share your opinions in the comments!


Source: Cinemablend