Well for anyone wondering what it would be like to walk a day in the shoes of a character from ‘Game of Thrones,’ Addidas is giving you the next best thing. As soon as January of 2019, they are releasing a line of ‘Game of Thrones’ sneakers, based on their Ultra Boost line, which you can sport to show your love for HBO’s fantasy series. And, best of all, these are done in a more subtle homage to the series, so the shoes do not exactly have faces of characters or flying dragons covering them. Instead, it is more about their color scheme, with the only real ‘Game of Thrones’ branding being the small flag at the back which is labeled with a House or motto from the series.

Pictured above is one of the first two pairs being released, which are both based on House Targaryen, the one above being the “fiery” design, as seen by the bright red and orange colors toward the toe. The other House Targaryen shoe will be completely white, which is most likely an homage to Daenerys’s hair, with a tag on the back that says “Fire and Blood” and sporting the Targaryen house sigil on the tongue (I’m assuming the “fiery” design also has the House Sigil on the tongue, but it is unclear from the pictures).

Also pictured below are the White Walker sneakers, which are somewhat similar to the coloring of the Daenerys ones except they have more of a white and light blue look to really hit the “frozen’ and ice look, which I personally like a little better.

All in all, the ‘Game of Thrones’ sneakers are not that much different than the regular Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 shoes according to the reports I’ve read, aside from the ‘Game of Thrones’ branding, which will of course make them collector’s items to both fans of the shows and those “sneakerheads” who are really into things like this.

Look for the first pair (the red and black “fiery” design) to hit stores in January, with more coming out soon afterward, and feel free to share your thoughts on the designs in the comments below all the pictures!

Source: Kotaku