Get ready for Doom’s Day.  The Doom Patrol will make their debut on ‘Titans’ in the fourth episode, appropriately entitled “Doom Patrol.”  The episode will also give fans their first real exposure to Ryan Potter‘s Beast Boy, who has only made two fleeting appearances on the show so far.

Perhaps in celebration, Jake Michaels, who portrays Doom Patrol member Robotman/Cliff Steele, posted a short clip of himself dancing in full costume on Instagram.  Check it out below:

The Doom Patrol also includes April Bowlby as Elasti-Woman/Rita Farr,  Dwain Murphy as Negative Man/Larry Trainor and as their leader The Chief/Niles Caulder, Bruno Bichir.  It’s unknown how many episodes of ‘Titans’ they will appear in, but Bichir is listed as a recurring cast member.

DC Universe has ordered an ongoing ‘Doom Patrol’ spin-off series, but Michaels won’t be in it.  Brendan Fraser will play Cliff Steele in flashbacks and will provide his voice in the present, while it will be Riley Shanahan underneath the Robotman armor.

In fact, all of the Doom Patrol, except for Bowlby, will be replaced in their own upcoming series.  Similarly to Robotman, Negative Man will be played by two actors.  Matt Bomer appears as Larry Trainor in flashbacks and provides his voice, while Matthew Zuk will be the actor wrapped in bandages and shades.  And Timothy Dalton replaces Bichir as Caulder.

In addition, the ‘Doom Patrol’ will be joined by Joivan Wade as Cyborg and Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane, with Alan Tudyk portraying the villain Mr. Nobody.

New episodes of ‘Titans’ are available each Friday on DC Universe.