The Arrowverse Elseworlds

The big bad in the Arrowverse crossover of “Elseworlds” this year is The Monitor and it looks like The CW isn’t going to be taking the idea of the character and radically altering him. The first shots show a very comic accurate take with LaMonica Garrett really looking to have taken the part and owning it. While we’ve known for a while that The Monitor would be the villain for this outing, it wasn’t until these set photos that we were able to get a look at what the Arrowverse heroes would exactly be up against.

If you’re unfamiliar with The Monitor, his real name is Mar Novu, and he is as old as the universe. Possessing almost limitless power, the comics have him recruiting heroes to fight the Anti-Monitor and it isn’t clear if they’ll be following that route as plot details have been murky so far.

Here is a shot of the character in costume:

He’s in the last shot, and if you need an example for comparison you can check him out right here:

There is a lot of things going down in this crossover event with Batwoman and Lois Lane being introduced, Superman in his black outfit, the 90s version of The Flash making an appearance, and the actors who play Green Arrow and Flash switching their roles. It seems hard to imagine how we’ll be getting all of this and a nearly all-powerful character thrown into the mix to boot as well.

Are you excited for The Arrowverse to visit “Elseworlds” in this year’s crossover event? What do you think of the first look at The Monitor? Share your thoughts in the comments below!