Scott Wilson

With all kinds of characters returning to ‘The Walking Dead‘ for Andrew Lincoln‘s final episodes, it was shared that Scott Wilson was able to complete his scenes before he passed away. The actor died at the age of 76 over the weekend, but fans of his character Hershel Greene on the series will get to see at least one more piece of his work.

While it saddens us that Wilson has passed away, we’re happy that his character will be done justice one last time as he was able to finish his final scenes before complications from leukemia tragically took the actor from this world.

On the other hand, it might not be Rick getting a send-off by Wilson’s character. Hershel’s daughter Maggie is going to be under a lot of stress as a mother, a leader, and someone at odds with one of her friends. On top of that, we know that at some point in the upcoming season we’ll also see Lauren Cohan leaving the series and it hasn’t been clarified if that is temporary or permanent.

Are you happy that Scott Wilson was able to finish his final scenes for ‘The Walking Dead’ before passing away? Will you find it at all strange watching the return of Hershel Greene knowing that the actor portraying him has died? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Cinema Blend