Elizabeth Tulloch

We’ve known that Lois Lane was coming to The Arrowverse and are happy to share that Elizabeth Tulloch (‘Grimm,’ ‘The Artist’) will be playing the part. While it would be easy for some to write Lane just as Superman‘s girlfriend, we know that this strong and highly intelligent is so much more than that to the Man of Steel, Metropolis, and DC in general, so it is thrilling to see how Tulloch will bring her to life on the small screen. Tulloch will be joining a long line of talented actresses who have played the part in the past including the likes of Noel Neill, Margot Kidder, Teri Hatcher, Kate Bosworth, and Amy Adams.

The actress is slated to portray the reporter for the upcoming three-night set of Arrowverse crossover episodes. We know that Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman appearing on ‘The Flash’ on Sunday, December 9th, 2018 at 8 PM, ‘Arrow’ on December 10th at 8 PM, and finally on ‘Supergirl’ on December 11th, 2018 but it isn’t clear if Lois will be in all three as well.

As to how she feels about playing this iconic woman? Tulloch states:

“Now, at a time when the noble profession of journalism feels under siege, it’s a privilege to join the club of actresses who have played the dogged reporter. As far back as 1938 when she first appeared in Action Comics #1, Lois Lane has defied and subverted society’s expectations of how women should behave. She was portrayed as opinionated, inquisitive, and an unapologetically badass career woman at a time when many representations of women leaned more towards meek and demure.”

With Ruby Rose being introduced as Batwoman and slated to get her own series this year, I wouldn’t hold out hope that this will be a highly recurring role for Tulloch at this time unless The CW is getting ready to surprise us with a new ‘Superman’ series as well. With the drama swirling around Henry Cavill returning as the Man of Steel on the big screen, it could be the opportune time to push for an ongoing television series as well.

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Source: Deadline Hollywood