And now, here we are, the final episode of ‘Iron Fist,’ Season 2, titled ‘A Duel Of Iron,’ which basically just features all of the major characters coming together for a big battle, which felt pretty damn satisfying to me. We start off with my favorite character Misty, locked in a cell, figuring out the walls are just flimsy enough that her cybernetic arm might be able to punch through so she can free herself, so she sets to work, especially when she starts hearing gunfire. The guns of course are from Walker, who is firing rounds at Davos, who has just returned to his lair to look for reinforcements and aid, and instead finds an assassin (Walker) waiting for him. Walker has the advantage in the beginning, but once Davos forces her off her perch and down onto the floor, it is unclear who will win that battle, but it does not matter because Danny and Colleen show up, and while Colleen takes on Davos, Danny is forced to fight Walker to prevent her from killing Davos before he finishes giving the Dragon energy to Colleen (in which case they would both die). Walker will not go down easily, and is more than happy to fight dirty, even taking a few jabs at Danny’s bad leg during their duel, but lucky for Danny, a pissed off and very capable Misty soon joins him, throwing her super-arm into the mix, and sacrificing it to block a blitzkrieg sword attack by Walker, leaving the arm useless but giving Danny a chance to come up with an idea, as he and Misty open a sprinkler head above and Misty uses her phone as a strobe light to pull Mary’s personality back out and get Walker out of the fight. Thus subdued, Danny goes to see how things are fairing with Colleen and Davos.

The Colleen and Davos fight is fast and furious, even though both are suffering from the effects of only having half the dragon energy within them. Their moves are forceful and desperate, and each attempts to force the other into position to complete the ritual, to no avail, until Danny joins the fray and together with Colleen they manage to force Davos down and get the rest of the energy out of him and into Colleen fully, though Davos is pissed that Danny would surrender the power to a “whore of the Hand,” as he insultingly calls Colleen. Luckily, Danny knows Colleen is MORE than worthy of the Fist, and ignores the jab.

Meanwhile, in the ambulance ride to the hospital, the Meachum’s seemingly make up, with Ward explaining that he knows what he did to Joy was unforgivable, but he will still always be there for her, and also telling her that he is having a child, which she hopes will help him find his balance in life. Sadly for Ward, he later finds out that Bethany does not want him involved with the child as she feels Ward is still finding himself, and she does not want to have to take care of both Ward and the child, so Ward ends the season on a bit of a despondent note.

Misty allows Danny to say his goodbyes to Davos before the man is sent to prison, and Danny tells his old friend that he hopes he finds his redemption, though Davos still claims that he at least found a path and followed it, wondering when Danny will do the same. As for Colleen and Danny, Colleen heads out to go check on the Civic Center, both commenting that their relationship might be forever altered by their recent choices, while Danny heads back to the apartment to clean up, and things feel a bit uncertain for the two of them. While cleaning, Danny finds a coin from Colleen’s family box, which he examines, and she later returns home to find the place cleaned, but Danny gone, instead finding a note from him explaining that he left, and that fate might have been involved in their meeting after all, as Danny had heard the story of the pirate queen in K’un Lun, and the symbol on the back of the coin proved a connection, as the story Danny heard was that the pirate queen woman was the first one to tame the dragon and claim the Iron Fist, meaning becoming the Iron Fist was in Colleen’s blood.

Joy is visited by Walker, who says their association is not over, despite Joy’s objections, because Joy is one of the few who knows about Mary’s dual personalities and is willing to work with her, and Walker may need help in the future if indeed it turns out she has a psychotic third personality, none of which Joy is happy about. Regardless, Walker makes it clear Joy has no choice, a twist which I enjoyed as it gave consequences to Joy’s bad decisions this season, even if she eventually made some heroic ones toward the end of the season.

The episode ended with Danny convincing Ward to go to Asia with him to track down where the body of the Ancient Iron Fist came from (the one Davos got the tattoo from), with Danny claiming they could both find themselves and their paths, and I love the idea of the two of them roadtripping together, and almost wish that could have been a whole season by itself. We jump to two months later, and see Colleen fighting crime on the streets of New York as the new Iron Fist, the glow of her hand spreading to her Katana making her look even more bad-ass, and then we jump to Japan, where Ward is pretending to be a drunk at a bar getting information about that body and the man who shipped it to New York. His contact is not friendly, and sicks a massive goon on Ward, who steps back to let Danny take card of the guy, who pulls out a gun, so Danny pulls out two guns of his own, and as he does so BOTH OF HIS HANDS GLOW YELLOW, and he fires two bullets which intersect and block the bullet fired by the gangster. And the season ends with the knowledge that Danny has somehow regained not only one Iron Fist, but two.

I loved the cliffhanger ending, and the fact that they made sure to show Colleen still had the Fist, as it was like having our cake and eating it too, and I hope we get to see more adventures with Ward and Danny in Japan if we ever get a season 3, as I really like their dynamic and I want to see more with Ward in the future as he did not have much to do this season. All in all, not the best of all of the Marvel/ Netflix shows to date, but VASTLY superior to ‘Iron Fist’ season 1, and I would recommend to anyone who enjoys these types of shows. Kudos to Marvel for hearing the complaints from the fans and stepping it up this season, and I look forward to the next series, ‘Daredevil’ Season 3, which I will also be reviewing in the coming months. See you back here then!