‘Shadowhunters’ fans just can’t catch a break!  They have been working tirelessly to try and rescue their favorite series, which was cancelled by Freeform.  Despite efforts like flying a plane with a banner over Netflix headquarters and taking out an expensive ad in Times Square and on London buses, no other outlet has swooped in to save the YA series based on Cassandra Clare’s ‘Mortal Instruments’ novels.

With no new episodes ordered, the show’s cast and crew assembled a two-hour series finale, that will air next spring, along with the final ten episodes of the third season.  If ‘Shadowhunters’ wouldn’t continue, at least the fans would get a proper ending.  But now that ending is anything but happy, as an online auction of ‘Shadowhunters’ props and costumes has SPOILED the conclusion!

The offending items, which included a letter written by lead character Clary, have been removed from the auction site, but not before some fans saw them.  Executive producer Todd Slavkin was the one who made the phone calls and had the offending items taken down.  He shared the incident on Twitter:

When contacted, Freeform stated that they had not organized the auction and were not hosting it.  Indeed, this sort of “house cleaning” auction is often conducted at the end of seasons, even for shows that are coming back, in order to get rid of props and clothing items that are no longer needed.  For returning shows, the money raised is funneled back into the production budget.  This is a great way for fans to acquire a piece of their favorite shows, but it’s certainly not a good thing when these items ruin storylines that haven’t yet aired.

If you would like to own a piece (or more) of ‘Shadowhunters’, check out the auction here.  There are still loads of cool pieces including screen used weaponry and more.

Source: Pure Fandom