The Defenders‘The Defenders’ are reforming for Marvel Comics as “The Best Defense.” Before casual readers from Netflix jump on ‘The Defenders’ bandwagon, we’re actually talking about the original line up of the heroes known as ‘The Defenders’ which includes Doctor Strange, Namor the Sub-Mariner, the Silver Surfer, and the Hulk. The event is slated to kick off in December and be spread across five issues.

Each of these heroes is slated for a one-off issue with the fifth which will be titled ‘The Defenders: The Best Defense.’ While not too many details have yet been shared we do know that the story is slated to be “interconnected specials that tell a unique and captivating story for each original Defender.”

Al Ewing will be writing ‘Immortal Hulk: The Best Defense’ and ‘The Defenders: The Best Defense’ which is probably the best news about this event as Ewing is the current ‘Hulk’ writer and knows the nuances as to how Bruce Banner and Hulk have dramatically changed since once again returning to the land of the living. Simone Di Meo is slated to tackle the artwork in the Hulk installment while Joe Bennett will cover the crossover issue. For ‘Namor: The Best Defense’ we’ll see the artwork handled by Carlos Magno surrounding a story that Chip Zdarsky has penned. Gerry Duggan has written ‘Doctor Strange: The Best Defense’ while Greg Smallwood has illustrated it. Finally, ‘Silver Surfer: The Best Defense’ has both been written and had art taken care of by Jason Latour.

This group of ‘The Defenders’ isn’t as well known outside of comics as the street level heroes who have taken over the name, but they do have a long history as they first appeared in ‘Marvel Feature’ #1 back in 1971. This launched a standalone series which would run until 1986 and have had multiple instances where they got the band back together to face threats that only they could handle.

Are you excited to see why ‘The Defenders’ might be coming back together? Which of these heroes are you most excited to see team up with the others? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter