Legends Of Tomorrow

The plot of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season Four will center around new addition, sorcerer John Constantine, who will lead the team against unleashed magical forces.  It appears that part of that storyline will include a new recurring cast member, described as a “wolf creature.”

As revealed by That Hashtag Show, the description for this character is wide open: “male or female in their late 20-40s of any ethnicity.”  So this could be anybody, which means it’s probably not an existing DC Comics character.  There aren’t that many werewolves in DC continuity.  One thing is for sure, while this character is being introduced as a recurring guest star, it is indicated that they could return for Season 5 if things go well.  Whoever gets this role needs to be “massively strong and formidable athlete,” but producers want an “actor who is the opposite of their character in their daily life.”

“This alter ego is always looking for a fight and cruising for a bruising, in the Legends’ best interest. Despite its intelligent, the Wolf Creature tends to look at things through black and white while also lacking social skills. His/her relationship with the Legends will be quite an uneasy one. The Wolf Creature tends to be loyal to those that they consider their tribe. They can also be impulsive and act quite selfishly from time to time, but that’s because of their natural animal instincts. They transform into this Wolf Creature when they are angry or experiencing emotional pain or turmoil.”

This surly demeanor and lack of social skills make this character sound an awful lot like Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell).  It will be interesting to see how they differentiate this new character.  If it is a female character, that would make a big difference.

Though this is likely a new character, there are a couple of comic book characters that this might turn out to be.  One is Timber Wolf (above) a member of the Legion of Superheroes who was also, for a time, based in the present.  Warren Griffith is a werewolf member of the Creature Commandos but retains his intelligence and gruff military personality.  Anthony Lupus (or Anthony Romulus) was an Olympic athlete turned into a werewolf by Professor Milo, who fought Batman beginning in 1974.  A more recent addition is Kyle Abbot, an agent of Ra’s al-Ghul and Intergang, who was turned into a werewolf-type creature who battled Batwoman.  All are males and in the usual superhero age range of their 20s-30s.  But ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ could cast someone completely different and simply use one of these characters as the foundation.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ will return with new episodes on Monday, October 22 at 9pm EST.