Ewan McGregor

All work and no play might be making Ewan McGregor a crazy actor as he believes he knows his upcoming character in ‘Doctor Sleep‘ better than Stephen King. Yes, the star feels he is now more in tune with Danny Torrance than anyone else. For those who aren’t overly familiar with the novel, ‘Doctor Sleep’ is a sequel to ‘The Shining’ which takes place years later with a focus on the child who is now all grown up.

McGregor was asked how he would be handling the character during an interview about his current family-friendly film ‘Christopher Robin.’ McGregor confessed, “I don’t think I saw (‘The Shining’) for quite a long time until I was older. I knew it was so scary, and it is.”

While he does plan on watching Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece again, he is currently re-reading both the original novel and the work that the upcoming film will be based on. Reflecting on Danny Torrance in the books, McGregor shares:

“There are points where Stephen has written a bit, and I’m going ‘Oh, that’s not right.’ … I’m already thinking, ‘He hasn’t nailed it there.’ “

That seems a bit off when thinking about the author who created the character but Ewan had an example such as a part where Danny references “Victoria’s Secret models” when thinking about something impossible such as “discovering the cure for cancer.” The exact passage that he is referencing is: “Sure, and maybe a cabal of Victoria’s Secret lingerie models would crack the secret of hydrogen fusion.”

When thinking about the character in this context, McGregor laughed while stating “I thought, ‘I don’t think that’s quite him. Like, now I’m already thinking I know the character more than Stephen King.”

We’ll see if his take on Danny ends up pleasing King more than ‘The Shining’ did.

Do you think that Ewan McGregor can know Danny Torrance in ‘Doctor Sleep’ better than the character’s creator? Can this mean a new take on Danny that will make ‘Doctor Sleep’ even more despised by Stephen King than ‘The Shining’ was? Share your thoughts below!

Source: USA Today