black lightning

We’re still months out from the release of the second season of ‘Black Lightning’ but thanks to San Diego Comic-Con 2018 there is a brand new trailer! You can immediately tell how this is different from The Arrowverse from production quality and tone, yet it has a feeling to it that it might be able to fit within it down the line.

While the first season ended on a high point with the Pierce family scoring a significant win in saving their city, it wasn’t apparent where things would go going now. This new trailer does an excellent job at sharing a recap of what happened in the first season with highlights galore.

If you’re looking for new footage though, you won’t be too happy with this one.

The trailer is out and you can check it right here!


So many highlights, so little time! With the second season only months away you can expect that more details will be surfacing in the near future.

Did you love the first season of ‘Black Lightning’ and are excited for the second? While now initially set in the Arrowverse do you have hopes that this show will eventually be included in it? Share your thoughts below!

‘Black Lightning’ officially returns to The CW on Tuesday, October 9th, 2018!