Ewan McGregor Léa Seydoux Zoe

Ewan McGregor and Léa Seydoux star in the upcoming science fiction film ‘Zoe’ about a pair of scientists who are attempting to break the impulses of love and attraction into a hard science.  Initially, their efforts lead to predictive algorithms that allow them to calculate whether or not two people are meant to be together or not, but as their research leads them further, these developments are applied to AI technology.  Enter Theo James as android Ash, a perfect lover who is programmed to use the scientists’ work to adapt to any human’s romantic and sexual needs.

‘Zoe’ also stars Rashida Jones, Matthew Gray Gubler, Miranda Otto and Christina Aguilera.  Director Drake Doremus has excelled in the romantic drama field, including the more grounded and acclaimed films ‘Breathe In’ and ‘Like Crazy’.  His most recent picture, ‘Newness’ dealt with dating in the social media age.  Moving into more speculative areas, his 2015 film, ‘Equals’ starred Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart as a couple who live in an emotionless utopia, who, after a mysterious illness, fall in love and begin to gain emotions, putting them at odds with society.

In 2012, Doremus collaborated with Intel/Toshiba on the six-part web series ‘The Beauty Inside’ which starred Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Topher Grace in another romantic movie with a lofty conceit– in this one, Grace’s character wakes up each day with a different physical appearance and must overcome this to win the heart of Winstead’s Leah.

In ‘Zoe’, Doremus continues to explore human emotions in a futuristic society, as Seydoux plays the title character, who begins to have feeling for her co-worker Cole (McGregor) only to discover that their own computer program predicts they have 0% chance of having a lasting relationship together.  The arrival of James’ AI, Ash complicates matters even further.

While the film deals with slightly futuristic technology, ‘Zoe’ doesn’t feel too far removed from the modern age.

Check out the trailer below:


‘Zoe’ will be available to view on Amazon Prime on July 20.