Spider-Man: Homecoming Silk

Rumors have been swirling for years now that Tiffany Espensen‘s ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ role, known only as Cindy, was actually a character from the comics named Cindy Moon, a.k.a. Silk.  But that just seemed like grasping at straws and nothing about her appearance in ‘Homecoming’ suggested she was anything more than one of Peter Parker’s normal classmates.  But now comes word that the rumors were true all along!  Espensen’s Cindy’s last name is Moon and Sony is collaborating with Marvel Studios to spin her off into her own film!

In the comics, Cindy Moon was on the same field trip as Peter, when she was also bitten by a radioactive spider.  She gained a different set of arachnid powers, including the ability to shoot webs from her fingers.  She also has an eidetic (photographic) memory, a “Silk Sense” stronger than Peter’s Spider Sense and while she does not have the same level of strength as Peter, she is faster.

Though her role in ‘Homecoming’ was smaller than those of Michelle “MJ” Jones (Zendaya) or Liz Toomes (Laura Harrier), Espensen was one of only two ‘Homecoming’ co-stars to pop up briefly in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ along with Jacob Batalon‘s Ned Leeds.

‘Homecoming’ producer Amy Pascal is also set to produce ‘Silk’ as well as other spinoffs ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’, ‘Venom’ and the currently-stalled ‘Silver & Black’.  Pascal is known to be a champion of strong female leads, so this should be right up her alley.

In December’s ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’, Hailee Steinfeld will provide the voice of another “Spider-Girl,” Spider-Gwen.  With Espensen playing Silk, that brings two of Spider-Man’s female counterparts to the big screen.

The fact that this movie is being developed with Marvel means that unlike ‘Venom’, ‘Silk’ will be part of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.  (The status of ‘Silver & Black’ is still murky.)

Obviously, Espensen will be back as Cindy in the sequel to ‘Homecoming’ which is set for release on July 5, 2019.  Director Jon Watts is returning as are cast members Tom Holland, Batalon, Zendaya, Marisa Tomei and Michael Keaton, whose character, The Vulture was the main villain of the first movie.  Joining him will be Jake Gyllenhaal as Quentin Beck/Mysterio.  This will mark the first post-‘Avengers 4’ movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it remains to be seen how Peter and his friends will be impacted by the events in that film.

Are you excited to see a ‘Silk’ movie?

Source: Deadline