Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard have put together a fun little video for anyone who hasn’t seen ‘Jurassic Park.’. Pratt describes potential viewers of this video as “a baby or someone who’s just been in a 25-year nap” and that is quite likely accurate. That being said, we’re all going to watch it anyway because of  Pratt and Howard! After all, it feels fitting that the stars of ‘Jurassic World’ are the ones who get to help give tribute to the first film.

Honestly, this video is more for those who would like an entertaining refresher or for those who want to get a kick out of an interesting way to describe the movie that started it all. You can check out their full description of the film in the video below!


You had to know that you were in for a treat when Pratt kicked things off by saying, “it all starts on an island in the middle of nowhere, where some dude who looks like a British Colonel Sanders creates an amusement park with animals” and having Howard follow things up with “although we’re not talking about monkeys.”

My favorite moment from the video was probably describing the audience first view of the dinosaurs where “even cool guy scientist Jeff Goldblum seems impressed.” As we all know, it takes Goldblum a lot to lose his standard cool!

25 years is an impressive number and that is how old the original film in this franchise now is. I’m happy that we were able to see these actors give a proper introduction to it.

Did you enjoy how Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard explained the original ‘Jurassic Park’? Do you hope that these two give a synopsis of the other films in the franchise? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly