While on the bubble for a renewal, Fox has just revealed that ‘Gotham’ will be getting a fifth and final season for the show. This will allow the producers to “wrap up” this prequel to Batman and give them enough time to finish telling the tale of Bruce Wayne evolving into The Dark Knight.

At this time, an exact episode count has yet to be revealed, but if the first four seasons are any indication, the showrunners will have a final 22 episodes to tell their tale. However, with ratings on the bubble, this could end up being a shortened season that will leave the writers having to cut down whatever they have planned for The Caped Crusader to make his presence known.

For Fox, the series only had a .8 demo rating with 2.62 million total views for live and same day numbers. This put the show as next-to-last across the board among Fox’s dramas. To put that in perspective, the only show which was lower was ‘The Exorcist’ which was just canceled. That doesn’t bode well for a full final season but we’ll see how giving the network is to their only surviving DC property as ‘Lucifer’ was just sent to the great beyond.

Young Bruce Wayne has had many mentors in both the shows and comics so it could prove interesting to see who else might join the cast to help transform him into Gotham’s protector.

Are you glad that ‘Gotham’ will be able to finish up their show properly? Will the show be able to do justice in turning a young Bruce Wayne into Batman before the final episode? What are a few specific story arcs you’d like to see them tackle to bring The Dark Knight to life? Share your thoughts below!

Source: TV Line