Game of Thrones

The rumors continue to trickle in from our friends over at Watchers On The Wall, the latest being a bit of casting news for the upcoming season. Unlike the previous casting announcement of Harry Strickland, a character coming a little late to the series but still an actual person from the book series, the newest casting notices make it pretty clear the new characters are most likely original inventions of the series, as has been the case a lot lately.

First up the show is looking to cast 5 characters for a scene about haggling over land in what is being described as a particularly “improv heavy scene.” The improv part seems a bit odd considering this is ‘Game of Thrones’ and the series has been heavily scripted, but you never know, this could just be another theatre troupe witnessed by a character in the series, and the improv skills are so the writers do not have to waste time fleshing out a whole play or scene for the background.

Next up is a solider type, male, age 30-40, who the casting folk describes as a “physically intense performance from a strapping squaddie type.” They are specifically looking for someone with an “imposing presence” and actual combat skills, so clearly this is not just going to be some random guy in the background. This guy is going to get a scene, most likely a physically demanding one at that. His rehearsals will take place starting April 30th, with the show set to shoot his scenes around the week of May 23rd in Belfast.

This, coincidentally (or maybe not), is the same rehearsal and shoot dates for the next character they are looking for, a village girl, actress, age 18-25. Apparently, her scene involves some kind of attack by a man during another physically intense sequence in which she will be required to be “naked above the waist.” While some might argue the soldier type might be the one to attack her, neither casting notice gives enough details to make that case and it could be just as likely that the solider comes to her aid during the attack.

Lastly, they are looking for an actor, age 30-40, male, to play a grieving man, with insiders saying they are specifically looking for an actor who can carry the scene without making it too “over the top.” This actor will shoot his scenes the week of June 18th in Belfast, so while there might be a connection with the solider and the village girl, it does not look like he will be in any scenes with them.

Do you have any theories on who these characters might be? Or could the show just be casting for montage scenes showing life under one monarch or another? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!