Deathstroke Joe Manganiello

With all of the back and forth in the DCEU these days fans of ‘Deathstroke’ were worried that the movie was getting shelved, but according to Joe Manganiello, it is still in the works. While we know that Gareth Evans (‘The Raid’) was developing the movie, there hasn’t been a lot of talk about it recently. With Warner Bros. and DC Films not particularly happy with the box office results of the DCEU to date outside of ‘Wonder Woman,’ it has been unclear as to the status of ‘Deathstroke’ as well as other films which were previously slated.

While making the rounds for ‘Rampage,’ Manganiello was asked about ‘Deathstroke’ and said that “There are things in the works. That’s all I can say.”

You can watch him respond right here:

Not much to go on but “in the works” sounds a lot better than cancelled.

We initially heard that the actor was going to play a part in ‘The Batman’ before massive revamps were made to the story by Matt Reeves. He still has the character and was seen portraying him in the post-credits scene from ‘Justice League’ with Lex Luthor, but we haven’t heard of any movement since that time.

For those unfamiliar with the character, his real name is Slade Joseph Wilson. From his look and name, you can make an educated guess that a certain Deadpool named Wade Wilson might have been loosely modeled after him. Slade is a supervillain and mercenary who mainly is thought of as the enemy of the Teen Titans but have gone up against the likes of Batman and Green Arrow as well.

Are you glad to hear that a Joe Manganiello starring ‘Deathstroke’ is still in the works? Do you feel Luthor’s comments from the end of ‘Justice League’ will spill over into guiding the direction of this film or will we just see this assassin doing his own thing? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Batman News