There is no shortage of intrigue for the new season of HBO’s ‘Westworld,’ and one of the biggest mysteries surrounding the new season is how they are going to integrate the other parks of Delos corporation, which were part of the original film and have been hinted at in the series, but were not seen in Season 1 (though we did see some behind the scenes Hosts that looked like Samurai in the finale of Season 1). Now, thanks to some of the creative PR being done by HBO in anticipation of the show’s April 22nd premiere, we have received a bit more information about the Japan-themed park, dubbed ‘Shogun World’ (not “Samurai World” as was originally thought) as well as our first image of that park and its logo, which you can see here (above). Here’s the new description of Shogun World from HBO’s ‘Delos Destinations’ viral marketing “corporate site,” which was updated just this past Monday:

For those for whom Westworld is not enough, the true connoisseur of gore can indulge their fantasies with the slash of a katana. Modeled after Japan’s Edo period, Shogun World offers a chance for guests to embrace their inner warrior, in a landscape of highest beauty and darkest horror. Let your true self take shape in the land where self-discovery is an art form.

What is most interesting to me about this description is the idea that Shogun World might be even darker and more violent than Westworld itself, which, from everything we have seen, already seems pretty scary with the amount of murder and mayhem that runs rampant throughout the park (and this was BEFORE the robots rebelled). What could this mean once the Hosts of Shogun World rise up? Could they come into conflict with Delores and the other Westworld Hosts? Could Delores and her brood have to team up with the humans in order to survive the murderous rampage of the vicious and bloody Hosts from Shogun World? Who knows?! But I’m looking forward to seeing how this all comes together! Feel free to share your own thoughts on the Shogun World revelations in the comments below!

SOURCE: EW, Collider