solo: a star wars story cards

We are inching closer and closer to the release of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story,’ and there is a lot to be excited about after the bumpy road the film took to get to release and with no one really sure what to expect from the latest outing from the ‘Star Wars’ franchise. It could be a diamond in the rough, emerging from a rough production a shining example of a studio taking hold of a troubled shoot and managing to set everything right by finding the right director to fix things or it could be a haphazard mess, a product of having changed hands too many times with no clear vision. At this point, only the creatives at Lucasfilm really know. With that knowledge, it is not hard to believe that Lucasfilm has officially begun to step up the promotions for the film partnering with a number of vendors to get the word out knowing that regardless, they need the film to be at least moderately successful on opening weekend.

Today’s promotion is with restaurant chain ‘Denny’s,’ who released a relatively well-put-together TV commercial (VFX wise) that features a full-on cantina scene with two kids playing Sabacc (the ‘Star Wars’ universe version of Poker), clearly foreshadowing the game we all know Lando and Han are going to play in ‘Solo’ where Lando is going to lose the Millenium Falcon to Han. The spot pans over a number of new aliens and characters who we have learned are going to be in the film itself (as is this actual location), characters with names like Moloch, Therm Scissorpunch, and Argus “Six Eyes” Panox (though most likely these will just be background characters in this scene in the movie), and one old favorite, as Chewie himself is looking out over the crowd, before settling on two kids, who it is revealed are actually sitting at a table in Denny’s playing with the new ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ trading cards the restaurant is now selling.

The packs (made by ‘Topps’) are exclusive to Denny’s, and are going for $3 each, with all proceeds going to the charity “No Kid Hungry,” which is a nice bit of service both Denny’s and Lucasfilm are doing while promoting the film, similar to the “Force For Change” charity the films have done in the past. Check out the spot for yourself below and then maybe head over to Denny’s to grab a meal and pick up one of those packs to help out the charity!



Source: Screen Rant